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    Hardware Tools

    1. Electric tools: drill bit, shovel chisel, curved saw blade, screwdriver head and sleeve, hole opener, circular saw blade, slicing for grinder, grinding blade for grinder, diamond cutting blade, saber saw blade and woodworking tool.

    2. Hardware and electrical products: hand tools, cutting tools, measuring tools and grinding tools, fasteners and seals, material handling, electric tools, storage, packaging, and workshop office supplies, motors, electrical products, test instruments, bearings and belts, lighting.

    3. Set of insulation tools: chain pipe pliers, pipe pliers, pipe bench pliers, plastic hard pipe cutter, set of pipe tools, threading machine, threading tool, metal pipe cutter and hydraulic pipe bender.

    4. Cutting tools, measuring tools and grinding tools: center drill, fried dough twist drill, screw hammer, die, end milling cutter and slot milling cutter

    5. Manual tools: tool box / bag, tool box, tool cart, portable tool box, wrench, adjustable wrench, open-ended wrench, tool box, combination wrench, ring wrench and ratchet wrench.

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