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    Magnetic levitation variable frequency centrifugal cold water (heat pump) unit

    Magnetic levitation variable frequency centrifugal cold water (heat pump) unit
    Product Name : Magnetic levitation variable frequency centrifugal cold water (heat pump) unit
    Product ID : 003

    Refrigeration capacity: 100-1400 RT

    The products can be widely used in energy conservation and transformation, energy stations, data centers, comprehensive supermarkets, rail transit and other fields.


    01 Energy conservation and environmental protection

    R1234ZE, R513a and HFC-134a environment-friendly refrigerants are used; Passed the domestic energy-saving certification and international AHRI certification; It can be used for international authoritative LEED certification.

    02 Efficient and stable

    Magnetic suspension compressor; Permanent magnet synchronous motor, motor efficiency is about 98%; Magnetic suspension bearing, no friction, small mechanical loss; The impeller is directly connected with the shaft, with small loss and high energy efficiency; Two-way capacity control of rotating speed and guide vane, always operating in high efficiency zone; Two-stage compression+air supplement and enthalpy increase, energy efficiency increased by 6%

    03 Safe and reliable

    Variable frequency drive, low starting current; Emergency power-off protection design to ensure safety; Maglev design, no oil return, simple and safe system; Multiple protection ensures the safety and stability of the unit.

    04 Simple maintenance

    Direct drive with few transmission parts; No oil circuit, no oil filter device, no oil pump, etc; Save maintenance costs.

    05 Intelligent control, simple operation

    The third generation CCS TOUCH control system; Automatic control and real-time monitoring; Friendly interface and simple operation; Fault memory, easy to maintain.


    06 Multiple choices, flexible application


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