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    Double-stage double-head centrifugal water chiller

    Double-stage double-head centrifugal water chiller
    Product Name : Double-stage double-head centrifugal water chiller
    Product ID : 002

    Double-stage double-head centrifugal water chiller

    Ice storage capacity: 200-1700 RT

    The product can be widely used in various large public buildings, hotels, schools, sports venues, factories and other places.


    01 Energy conservation and environmental protection

    R1234ZE, R513a and HFC-134a environment-friendly refrigerants are used; Passed the domestic energy-saving certification and international AHRI certification; Can be used for international authoritative LEED certification

    02 Efficient and stable

    Dual primary energy efficiency, with maximum cooling capacity of 6000RT; The series counter-current of double compressors saves about 12% energy compared with ordinary units; Two-stage compression+air supplement and enthalpy increase, and the energy efficiency is increased by 6%; High pressure ratio, wide temperature range, high efficiency and energy saving, 10~99.99% capacity adjustment; High-efficiency pneumatic linkage control to improve integrated partial load performance; Compressors are started one by one. Compared with single compressor units with the same cooling capacity, the starting current is significantly reduced and the power distribution input is reduced; The unit adopts single process design, which greatly reduces the pressure loss and reduces the water pump configuration and power consumption.

    03 Safe and reliable

    Dynamic intelligent anti-surge technology; Independent sliding bearing design, service life up to 20 years; Multi-channel liquid injection refrigerant cooling motor, safe and reliable; Chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy steel gear, military grade, national standard grade 5 precision; Dual guarantee of forced oil supply by variable frequency oil pump and oil supply by high level oil tank; Multiple protection ensures the safety and stability of the unit.

    04 Intelligent control, simple operation

    The third generation CCS TOUCH control system; Automatic control and real-time monitoring; Friendly interface and simple operation; Fault memory, easy to maintain.




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