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    About Us

    Huaxia Huanyan is a large company specializing in the production, sales, installation and service of central air conditioners,we are committed to providing more reliable, efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly new air conditioning products for human beings. Our air conditioners have a long history of more than 120 years. Our products and services now cover the manufacturing of HVAC, industrial refrigeration, fluid cooling and other equipment as well as the integrated control of corresponding product systems. At the same time, our R&D, manufacturing and sales service network also covers 56 countries and regions around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. So far, it has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC refrigeration equipment in the world.

    At the same time, our company has good business cooperation relations with many reliable parts manufacturers in the industry. Adhering to the principle of win-win cooperation and mutual benefit, we provide comprehensive services for many fields such as medical care, education, data center, airport, stadium, transportation, production and manufacturing with high-quality products and optimal solutions.